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Safe and Easy Permanent Hair Removal Treatments in Kentville, NS


All of Trui’s hair removal procedures are carried out in a clean and safe environment. The usage of disposable filaments, protective gloves and a sterile environment is guaranteed for every single procedure. Each new client receives a no-obligation, free consultation to determine if electrolysis is right for you. Medical history is an important factor in determining the causes of unwanted hair growth. Many factors, such as hormone levels, genes, pregnancy, menopause, medication and chronic illness or stress can contribute to hair growth. This information allows Trui to calculate the time, cost and type of treatment for your personally tailored treatment sessions.



A Message from Trui:

“I take care in providing a private, caring and professional surrounding. The utmost care is taken to understand the needs of each clients. In my practice, you will receive a personalized treatment based on your individual circumstances and goals.” 



At Trui Kabel Electrolysis your treatment doesn’t end just because you leave our salon. We consult with all of our clients and provide them with best practices for after-care. Have a look here for tips on how to keep your skin in great shape after an electrolysis session. Of course, if you have any questions feel free to give us a call.


Trui Can Treat Your:

  • Eyebrows

  • Upper lip

  • Chin

  • Hair line/side burn

  • Bikini line

  • Chest and stomach

  • Legs

  • Back

  • Arms and underarms

  • Toes

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